Ideal Capital Investments is a registered investment advisory firm. We manage clients' funds via seperately managed accounts through a value approach.

Philosophy and approach. Long term, repeatable investment success is a product of understanding an investment. Without an appropriate level of understanding investing becomes speculation.


Two principles that permeate our investment approach are:



1. Intelligent Commitments. In order to have both satisfactory and sustainable investment results, you need to be right for the intended reasons. Adequately comprehending an investment allows for intelligent decisions to be made.


Lord Alfred Tennyson, the great poet said, "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." This may have been good relationship advice but it turns out to be a lousy investment philosophy.


ICI's investment philosophy is based on independent thinking, an understanding of what

we are purchasing and buying value. Understanding that it is easy to buy but often difficult to sell if buying wasn't done well, we resist applying Lord Tennyson's admonishment to investing and are slow to 'fall in love' with investments.


2. Margin For Error. Investing is necessarily an imprecise activity. We feel that when determining value there should be allowance left for misjudgments and unforeseen variables.




Greg Picone, principal of Ideal Capital Investments, is a CFA charterholder and occasionally writes articles which are displayed on this website for the purpose of aiding both current and prospective clients of ICI in understadning the firm's philosophy on important investment subjects.  You can learn more about the "ideals" of Ideal Capital Investments by exploring the blog.

What is the CFA charter?

The CFA credential is the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world, revered for the depth and breadth of mastery it requires.

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